Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking Back and Forward at the same time

Back on 12-11-07 I made the following posting (Vision of Tomorrow)

That was 11 months ago. As we have passed the election, we know that half of it has come to pass. I don't wonder about much that I see in the future. I have started to become withdrawn, which I don't like the feeling of that.

Step smartly friends. Things are not as they seem and appearances are not as we wish them to be. I would suggest that you look forward with hope while bracing yourself for impact.

I would also be careful in your travels. The word Philadelphia sits very uncomfortable in me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It has been months since I have posted here.
It is not for a lack of desire to tell you of things. Mind you, I am a reluctant in my discussions.

But what can I say to you? How can I awaken a sleeper? I watch over the majority and see how you have been lulled into a deep sleep of which you can not awaken from. I watch as an enemy moves not even casually between you and takes from you returning nothing. Poisions you offering more poision as medication for you aliments. I watch as you are proded to fight between one another so that you can not see what is truly being done to you.

I listen to you. Your messages of prosperity and abundance while the drought is decending upon you. I tremble for the thought of you who will starve and especially for those who are starving now without knowing it.

What do I say to you? You are content, happy, in love and joy with the tribulation which is about to befall you.

I grow content in knowing that you don't truly care about the events that are ready to besiege us. So, I prepare myself. I prepare myself for exodus from this land that I am now in and ready myself to move west into the lands that are flat and empty. There I shall find the shelter I need as I wait out the time. Then, when you ask how did I survive and I tell you that I was ready and left before the world rose and fell. You will become enraged and scorn me crying 'Why did you not warn us!' To which I can only say - 'I did. You were to dumb to hear and slept at the hour of watch. I tried to awaken you but you wouldn't stir. So I left.'

Now, my moment of silence will begin - for it is upon us - how great it is what will deluge the thoughts of man. The storm that will stop the hearts of men is upon us.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Silent Symptoms: Food Allergies

I am not a doctor, visit your doctor if you believe you might be suffering from a food allergy. What I am posting here is nothing more than my personal experiences.

Silent symptoms; that is the problem with a food allergy.

You eat something, a few minutes later, usually 15 - 20, your face feels a little warm. You might have a slight prickly sensation around your nose. Your eyes might even feel heavy. Mentally it feels like a heavy fog has just settled on your world. Perhaps you are getting agitated at the smallest things. Your muscles hurt (usually neck, shoulders, upper back) every morning when you get up. You have little energy. You feel like you are in a constant state of fatigue. People tell you that the world is a stressful place and that you might just be stressed out.

All the above a silent symptoms of a food allergy. A matter of not is that, those were my symptoms. I wasn't getting sick to my stomach. I wasn't breaking out in hives. No major external symptoms to warn me of the danger that was lurking. Until I went to the birthday party of a friends child.
I ate 4 hot-dogs that day, some cake. The hot-dog buns were made with whole grain wheat. I had a couple of beers. Not big deal, I can usually drink a six pack without feeling much. Then I had a couple of lemon drops (vodka and lemon juice). After I finished my second, something very very awkward happened to me. A very heavy fog was descending one me. I sat down, every once of energy that I had was gone, I was getting very very tired. I was also losing my vision.

What's the big deal you ask? You were stinking drunk! I would normally agree with you except for one thing. I was very alert of everything going on around me. I was talking to people about the way I felt. I asked for some milk. The milk could curdle the remaining alcohol in my stomach and I would vomit it up. I drank 2 glasses with no results. This made me even more concerned because if it was not alcohol, then what was happening to me?

I took me 2 days to recover from this ordeal and during those 2 days, I sought an answer.

My wife has recently realized she had a food allergy as she is now lactose intolerant. I looked down up food allergies and was presented with a list of symptoms. As I started to read into this list of symptoms, I noticed that people were commenting on 'being tired after eating' and 'always exhausted'.

I would eat 2 sandwiches for lunch and be ready for a 15 minute nap. If I would eat a larger meal, I could nap for 30 minutes. Yet, after I awoke, I still felt drained.

I kept reading, people were talking about 'foggy thinking' and 'can not hold a thought'. I knew that one first hand. 'Aching muscles', 'Difficulty breathing', 'itching face' and the list went on.

The food that was listed as the culprit for this crimes? Wheat.

Well, there was only one way to test this theory. Stop eating wheat all together (easier said than done).

When you first STOP, you come away from wheat, oats, barley and corn. No cereals, no muffins, no cookies, no cakes, no sandwiches, no onion rings (unless you remove the batter), you need to watch every thing you eat.

Here are things they DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT...
The first day I was off of wheat and everything else, it was a typical day. Day two I was hungry before lunch and the tuna salad (no bread) my daughter made for me didn't fill me up. Day three was the same way (same lunch also). Day four I ate my lunch (same as day two and three) by 10 am, went to lunch with co-workers and had a open-faced burrito. For of those who don't know. It is basically all the fixings, no wrap. One Saturday (day five), I was hungry, famished, felt like I had not eaten in days. The wheat products had been 'filling me up' but not giving me nutrition. Now that my body was relaxing from the shock it was going through, it wanted energy!
I also started taking phytonutrients to aid my body in recovery. I had read an article regarding phytoplankton and wanted to give it a try. Except I couldn't find the phytoplankton locally and didn't want to wait for a order to come from elsewhere. So, I purchased a container of powdered phytonutrients, a combination of grasses, fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables. I was mixing it in with apple juice and later cran-grape juice.

The results of getting off wheat?

Well, by day five, I was working in the yard and I didn't get tired. Something that has not happened in years. I slept soundly for multiple nights in a row, no muscle cramps in the morning, no stiff upper back, my focus has returned and one interesting thing occurred. I spent a entire day without my glasses on. I suffer from an astigmatism that I was told, because my prescription is very low, they tell me I have 'tired eyes'.

Food allergies have many symptoms that the medical community may mistake for something else. The fact remains, both the wheat and the milk are processed. They are altered from their original states. Once altered in this way are they really fit for human consumption? The FDA will tell you yes. Yet, we are starting to see the LONG TERM EFFECT of these alterations. Shame that the FDA doesn't wake up and see that the answer has become NO.

It is not that the foods are bad for us, the process which they go through is bad for us. Another food that is damaged and has harmful side effects is sugar. White, refined sugar. That is another argument for another day.

If you have any symptoms, you need to get yourself checked out. At best, stop eating wheat and dairy for 2 - 3 weeks. I challenge you! See if your health changes any.

Prior to the discovery of this food allergy, during the weeks leading up to it, one of my meditation session each day was 'relax, rest, rejuvenate'. I presume the universe brought the silent allergy to my attention because it is hard to relax and rest when you are eating things that are stressing your body out.
Now I can begin to reset and relax then hopefully rejuvenate.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Inside the Secret

I had previously explained a piece of how the Secret works. I hope to expand on that a little and make it easier for others to employ the power of the secret. Also, I want to point out what they didn't in the secret. How to get past blocks that are keeping you from receiving.

First, you need something that you want/need. This is the point of focus.

Next, you need to examine yourself. When you focus on this item, do you in anyway, shape or form believe that you DO NOT deserve this item? This is important, because you can feel it in many forms by doubt, fear and anxiety. Any feeling that has a negative notion tied to it means that you have something blocking you. You might also created a wall visually by making it difficult to invision this item.

These are all triggers/blocks that something exists in your subconscious programming that you or others have put there halting you progression.

If you have this, we must eliminate it. The first thing you need to do is identify it. Now, be alert here. When you hit this trigger or block and your eternally demand that it identifies itself, it will. Obviously, it is a trigger/block that you are in current agreement/acceptance with. So when it identifies itself it will be very very familiar and comfortable to you. Except, it will have a negative feel to it.

One example in my own life of this. I was always struggling with money. I for some reason could never seem to keep money around. No matter how much money I was making, I had nothing to show for. I was living in the appearance of 'Poor'. I fought long and hard against it using various techniques until one day the Universe pointed out that it was in me that my struggle should be turned, that I needed to find the source. So, I demanded it identify itself. A very short time later I was driving when I heard my mothers voice 'Ooooo, my poor little man, what is wrong?'. Being the comfort of my mothers voice, I ignored it and dismissed it to an old memory arising. I again later demanded that the block identify itself. Once again, a short time after I demanded of it I once again heard my mothers voice 'my poor little man' , and yes, once again I dismissed it because it was a comfortable voice and feeling. This went on for a few days until the Universe smacked me upside the head as I was complaining that I wasn't getting a response. I realized then that those comfortable words embedded in me from my mother were harming me. While she was trying to be loving and caring, she was programming me for poverty. I had to disagree with the expression and reprogram the memories for something new. The new memories became, 'my wealth little man!'

How do you disagree with something? Just like that, "I acknowledge your existance and disagree with you. You are no longer welcome here." Now, it is like pulling roots. Some are easy to pull out, while others require heavy equipment. If you have those that need heavy equipment it will just take time of meditation and disagreement. Then one day you will get the break through and realize the ground is now clear.

Now back to the first step. You focus on the object, it is clear and tactile in your mind. You agree that you are allowed to possess the item. You agree that you are allowed to have the item in your life. You agree on every aspect of the existance of whatever it is you are focused on. You agree that nothing can or will get in your way. You agree it is yours and you are done and you release it to the universe to deliver it. The universe will.

Now, you might meditate on this multiple times until you get that "it is done" feeling where you rest within the sense of accomplishment. All of a sudden, it is in your life and you look back thanking the universe for delivery of what you created.

Now, if you are a person that has issues receiving things, we need to get over that.

They only times that i am aware of "not receiving" are as follows.
1) If an individual has done things for you when you were not able to do for yourself and you are doing things for this indivdual (giving back to those who gave to you).
2) You are giving to someone who you know can not repay.

Aside from that, if someone is offering something to you, take it.

Now, one thing that also helps in receiving is giving. The way this works would be likened on to a cup. IF your cup is full, where is the new substance suppose to go? If you give away a percent, then you have room to receive. Yet, when you "give away" you need to be careful of where you are giving to. Because you are still "sowing" spiritually speaking.

Now, I understand that many name-it-and-claim-it teachings talk about "sowing a seed". So, let me straighten something out here. If you "sow seed" in a ground that is in want of minerals and water, what you reep is no harvest and a ground that is in want because you have sacrificed and gained nothing.
If you "sow seed" in to ground that you know right now is "barren" of growth, yet the rains are coming, the ground is good and fertile and you are using good seed. When the harvest comes, you will gain back.

What I am saying is: Don't haphazardly give your money away. Wealth gives to wealth because they know they will get wealth back. Wealth does not give to poverty because poverty devours the seed and returns nothing.

I hope that I have given you some more clues into how the great 'Secret' works. It really is an old concept, taught in many tomes, mystery schools and religions. If you know how to decode it out of the text.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For you non-pagans out there

And for those of you uberChristians out there, please make sure that you do not give out any valentine gifts, especially to women!

If you do, you are guilty of practicing an ancient pagan ritual in which you present the representation of the Goddess Venus/Aphroditie with a gift so that she will give you the gift of love (or sex).

For those of you that are Pagans and don't care. Happy Valentines Day!

Spirituality and Religion Part 3 (The Mystery)

In the mystery schools of old people were categorized into one of 4 categories.

1) The Non-initiate. Your average every day Joe that goes through life not realizing that there are some things bigger than him/herself and is happy with the daily grind. He is told the basic story hoping that he will eventually move past it.
2) The Initiate. One who sees through the basic story realizing that there is something more. He is brought into the fold and the lessons begin to teach him on the higher things of the universe (or God).
3) The Psychic. One who has mastered the teachings at the initiate level and is working through the final lessons that give them the highest level of power.
4) The Pneumatic. Those who had master the teachings of the psychic and are now highly spiritual. Pneuma = Spiritual, Pneumatology is the study of spiritual beings and phenomena, especially the interactions between humans and God. Pneuma (πνευμα) is Greek for "breath", which metaphorically describes a non-material being or influence.

When Constantine the Great established Christianity as the "Religion of Rome", he aided in the de-establishment of the mystery schools that had up until that point been going strong. As a matter of fact, the Constantine was not baptized until his death bed so that he may continue doing his pagan activities and live his violent lifestyle.

Slowly, the mystery schools started to disappear as other emperors who took one faith more seriously than another alone with the political pressure of those who were dominate in the day.

What was the mystery? What was it that one religious system was placing so much energy and force into that could shake foundations? Why is it that historians of the time period stated that Christianity mirrored pagan beliefs? Why do modern church scholars and historians go to great pains to produce smoke in mirrors when it comes down to the history of the world. Why did the church hold on to the Dead Sea Scrolls for as long as they did until an uproar forced them to release it?

The mystery is quite simple. As a matter of fact, the mystery is a allegorical story told so that those who understood (those who had eyes could see and hears could hear) and those who were blind and deaf would not get what was being discussed.
Why do you speak in parable? Why do we speak in allegories?
Why is the bible not historically accurate?
Why does it appear that two gods are being worshipped? One in the old testament and a new one in the new testament?
Was there a Mystery School for Jehovah and a Mystery School for the 'One' God?

Is the birth, life, death and ressurection of Jesus an allegorical tale similar to the initiation rites of a Mystery school of Mithra or Dionysius?

Jesus is also a greek word that happens to have an intersting history and if you could see an 1611 bible page of Luke 1, you would be astonished that the word "Zeus" is being used when attached to "I" (J didn't enter the language until 1532 and added to Bibles until 1630). So, in Luke 1 we see Iesus in Luke 1:1 and Elizeus in 1:27. If they (the greeks) were doing a direct translation of a name, they would not have been saying "Son of Zeus", they would be saying something like Yeshua, Yahshua or Yahoshua.

Now we start to run into a problem. What honestly was occuring in the first 4 books of the new testament? Are we dealing with an allegorical initiate teaching from 4 different mystery schools of the same mystery a occurance that is possible seeing that there are variations of books found often in different locations such as Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Another question that appears, is that why you can seperate off the remaining books of the new testament form the 'gospels' and they appear to be an entirely seperate set of books with an entirely different set of teachings.

Perhaps, we have 3 tomes or more that have been stapled together to be sold to the mass populace as being a single manual or tome in which a religion was built from and the mysteries that they were taken from diminished.

What was that mystery?

No matter what face of god or goddess you serve - they are all a reflection of the 'one' creator. The universal being, the 'ONE' without a name who shaped all things. Also, that this ONE is the beginning of all things and the end of all things. Is in all things and all things are in the ONE. That it permeates everything and everything is a representation of it. In the end, if everything is part of the ONE and the ONE is everything. Now does Psalms 82 make sense, that would mean that everything is the ONE GOD and the ONE GOD is everything. Hence the end of the mystery and the beginning on the initiate.

Psalms 82 (1 - 8): God presides in the great assembly; he gives judgment among the "gods": "How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? Selah
Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
"They know nothing, they understand nothing. They walk about in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. "I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.' But you will die like mere men; you will fall like every other ruler." Rise up, O God, judge the earth, for all the nations are your inheritance.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Global warming any one?

China records coldest winter on record for 100 years.

Blame Bush, blame CO2 emissions, Blame the Chinese for over-populating and being one of the worse polluters in the world.

Read more here:

Monday, February 4, 2008

How to sterialize a society without them knowing it.

The basis for the movie Children of Men was the sterialization of entire planet. One would have to sit back and wonder if it is at all possible. 'No way!' the reply would echo.
YET....the lead sentence of this current article begins:

"Baby shampoos, lotions and powders may expose infants to chemicals that have been linked with possible reproductive problems, a small study suggests."

Read the rest here!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spirituality and Religion Part 2 (Literalists vs Mystics)

There is unfortunately one piece of the old Roman Empire still functioning and in existence and that is the Vatican. Holding on to the concepts of command and control of the religious movement you have the pope and a entire order of bishops and cardinals ready to execute the orders of that come down from the Pope. Yet, if we move backward in time we find that this religious order is no less guilty of fanaticism as the current Islamic problem faced in the middle east. That problem stems from the fact that they are taking every thing literally.

In passing on teachings from one generation to another, many times we hide the secrets, especially from those who we feel will exploit them for no good reason. Honestly, we need to stop doing this because many who use these gifts for darker purposes already do.
Also, many of them try to suppress the teachings themselves by encoding them in allegory thus cloaking them from the eyes of those they long to control.

It is an ancient secret to hide your most treasured possessions in plain sight.

So, let's break a few words apart.

In general usage, Agnostic generally means one who believes in a higher power but is unsure of; unknowing. Thomas Henry Huxley gave birth to this term in the 1800s. In doing so he took the word Gnostic and added the 'A' to the front. Thus saying he was 'A Gnostic'. Yet, given that he was an English speaker he had no true idea of what he was saying and gave definitions to the word now truly appreciating the fact that Gnostic means 'Knowing' or 'Knowledge'. A Gnome is a 'Keeper of Knowledge'. So, in modern terms we can say that a librarian is a gnome.

Philosopher. I think we can all agree that philosopher is someone who enjoys deep thinking and searching for the hidden things in the science that they pursue. Yet, Philosopher actually has an underlying meaning. A philosopher was a high ranking member of specific mystery schools. Translated the term in Latin means "Lover of Sophia" or since Rome has gone to great lengths to hide who Sophia truly is; the definition became "Lover of Wisdom".

As a high ranking member of a mystery school I am going to take all of the teachings and write them down. This way we can maintain the knowledge that we have already discovered without going through the same process over and over again. Paul complained about repeatedly going through the same process over and over again in a letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor 3:1 - 3) Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly—mere infants in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men?

So to protect our knowledge, or information I am going to encode it or hide it. I am going to put it in front of you so that "those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear" what I am saying while the rest are kept in darkness.

There is only one problem with that, those kept in darkness outnumber those who are in the light and they eventually will get their hands on our codexes and begin to read them and when they do, they will take our words at face value. Not realizing that we are actually speaking in code and being allegorical regarding our statements. They will build and entire faith and religious system around our teachings and in the end they will kill us as heretics and offer us as sacrifice to their one true god.

Alas, when it is over with the literalists won out and the mystics ended up in hiding.

The literalists fight with one another and squabble over words while the mystics acknowledge that nothing taught is wrong. That all possibilities are actually truth to the one who perceives the truth. Thus the mystics, the Gnostic's don't squabble and fight with one another. Well, our initiates do but that is because they are still of the mind of man and have not yet adopted the spirit of Sophia.

In Revelations 17:3 - 6 it reads Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. This title was written on her forehead: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.

Oh the allegory of this statement. 7 Heads = 7 Continents; 10 Horns = 10 Empires or powers; The dress of the woman represents wealthy as does the golden cup. The MYSTERY isn't really a mystery unless you understand that the origin of all religions comes from a mystery school. Thus the author is saying explaining in general terms the teachings of the mystery school. Also that those who follow this school of thought will kill others who comes from different mystery schools and teach any thing different than her teachings.

Who is this whore that is drunk on the blood of saints? She is none other than the Roman Catholic church and ALL churches that splinter off of her. The number of people the popes have sentenced to death and the campaigns that have been launched in the name of the cross. The blood could fill the rivers of Europe.

By ALL churches, I do mean all that profess Christianity. They are all daughters of the one whore, thus they are the abominations of the earth. They like their mother whore themselves out for money. Those who run these churches are fat from the lambs while the lambs starve and are told to contribute more. They have all prostituted themselves out to the world and become an abomination to the earth. What have these churches done besides take, take, take. If they had any true power from God, why is not that power been turned around to heal the earth, stop the fighting, end the diseases and melt the hate? Because, as Paul wrote (1 Cor 3:3) You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men?

Look around you. How many different churches with different messages? How can that be unless they fail to grasp and understand that what they hold in front of them are tomes and codexes from mystery schools offered in many different formats. All off them are being taken literally.

Don't you wish that you knew the secret behind the allegorical tales? What is it that was being hidden?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spirituality and Religion part 1

When you start walking down the path of spirituality you can't help it, you trip over religion along the way.

Religion is a core belief system that has shaped nations, started and ended wars, caused divorces and the list will continue.

Yet, a point in spirituality is reached where you need to ask questions. Those questions, depending on your religion, can determine your answers. Or if you push beyond your religious training, determine your depth of freedom.

So, one thing I desire to do in this brief blog is to give you a few things to feed upon.

1Q) God is opposed to esp, clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient, telekinesis and a host of other "spiritual" or "spiritualist" powers.

1A) Honestly, we Americans call our dwellings House, the Spanish Casa. Does the word change its origin and meaning? So when the prophets see the future (Clairvoyance) or hear the words of God (clairaudient) or perceives events (clairsentient) why do people claim the power "is of the devil?" Is not all things from the one who created and allows things to be created?

2Q) My religious teachings state that you should not allow a witch to live.
2A) The word has been and continues to be conveniently mistranslated to invoke fear and failure. Many scholars have translated that same passage as "not allowing a poisoner to live."

3Q) All 3 major religions; Christians, Jews and Muslims teach that there is something HIGHER for us to learn. That the BASICS are kept in the tomes they read from. YET, what happens when you find that ADVANCED set of concepts? The instructors of the basics are quick to cut you down. Some of my favorite Christian quotes are:
"To spiritual to do any earthly good."
"God doesn't want that close of a relationship."

3A) There is something beyond the basic teachings of the 3 most popular religions. That is what mystisism is all about. All three religions talk abou the mystics. Mystery schools were once established to train the initiate in the higher things of God. Old religions long since dead would teach 1 basic lesson to see if an initiate was ready for the rest of the truth.
That basic lesson was that all your gods and goddess, your Ra, Osiris, Seth -or- Zues, Athena, Mercury are nothing more that aspects of the ONE GOD. When you worshipped Seth, you were worshipping that particular aspect of the ONE GOD. Depending on how initiates handled that teaching would determine what was to follow.

4Q) What if: All three major religions are correct?
4A) If that is the case, then we need to find one piece of common ground to stand upon. That piece would be: "I am the Lord your God, I change not!"

5Q) What if: All three major religions are wrong?
5A) Are you ready then to find and learn the truth?

(to be continued)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

EFAs and Your Health

I am going to go out on a limb here.

There are many many ways that I use to try to heal something before I run in to a doctor. Partly because the pricing has got out of hand. $1000 for a IV, anti-botic and 45 minutes of ER time was a bill I once received for a feral cat bite.

One thing that I do daily is take 3 oils combined and a fourth oil seperate. The three oils that I take combined are Flaxseed, Grapeseed and Olive. For me, it is an easy thing to do, I don't mind the taste or the texture. I fill a shot glass in 3 equal parts of each. I then slam the shot and have a nice day.

The fourth oil I take is Coconut oil. I love coconut oil, it is solid below a specific temperature (some where around 76 degrees) and liquid above that temperature. It will never solidify in our bodies as long as we are alive since we average 96 degrees. I mix coconut oil in with a food like rice for breakfast. This way I get my oils for the day.

What do these oils do for the body? Well, for one they can raise the HDLs and lower the LDLs. They will aid the digestive system in processing food. They can help heal muscles, cells, blood vessles, they can help regulated insulin and blood sugar. They can help boost the immune system. Over all, some oils (not all) are needed by our bodies to function similar to oil in a car for the engine. Without oil, the engine would seize up. Does that not happen to our bodies?

Some have even suggested the addition of sulphur based foods with the oil. When some of the oils bind with the sulphur molecules they give an additional 'pop' to their healing ability. I am not going to name any of the diseases that have been stated to be treatable or in remission when the oils were combined with cottage cheese. I wonder if a certain tick based illness might not be effected.

I know that oil helped my wife out and she now takes it daily. She started having pains in the upper right ab region. It turns out that her described symptoms are common for gallblatter attacks. She had a stone. She started taking large amounts of oil, when the stone passed she was in pain and cried but the next day celebrated her liberty as her body returned to normal. No looking back, she stays on the oils now. They have even helped her lose some weight which she is happy about because they give one a feeling of fullness.

Now, I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. I only know that I am an organic machine that should not be eating inorganic foods. That is poisoning my body!

So what does health have to do with the spirit? If you are not of clear mind because you are poisoning your body, how will you be of sound spirit?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FDA says it is legal for companies to poison your body!

As our society becomes sicker and sicker the almighty FDA has approved another way for us to die slow.

DON'T EAT FATS is something else the FDA has told us, along with its cousin the CDC and WHO. Regardless that your body requires Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)in order to properly function and heal. Those EFAs are found in oils like Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Hemp Oil and others.

Give you an example of how important they are. I have an associate named Karen whose husband needs to get his HDL levels up. Those are your GOOD Cholestrol. Doing every thing that they could via diet to no avail. He starts using Olive Oil in his diet and the HDL quickly doubles.

We are organic machines. Why are we eating inorganic material? When you do that, it is called poisoning yourself.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Got to love the Universe!

I love dogs.
For many years I would claim to be a cat person until one faithful night years ago when I had this one particular dream. In the dream I dreamt that I was a sleep and that I was awaken by the sound of a dog barking. I sat up in bed (in the dream) and looked around. That is when I smelled the smoke. The A/C unit that was in the ceiling had caught on fire and the rafters and roof were burning. The dog had smelled the smoke and awoke me to alert me to the fire. I awoke in reality to a house that WAS NOT filled with smoke and WAS NOT on fire. YET left an awkward feeling in me. A few days later I made the decision (the universe actually planted more - GET A DOG evidence in my way but I don't want to cover ALL of that) and took the family to the Animal Shelter. After much research (what dogs are good with children) and lots of looking at the available dogs we adopted Jack, a Black Lab/Chow mix that is still with us to this day (Grey beard and all!)

Recently I have been missing an older dog I owned years ago named Charlie. Charlie was a beautiful and loving American Mastiff. Charlie was with us for a few months before he passed away. He was a rescued dog, it was a shock to come home and find him dead where he lay. It hurt deeply to bury him!

In my thoughts and desires to own another American Mastiff, I have also been contemplating getting a puppy. With a puppy I can raise him to my standards and commands. I normally prefer to rescue a dog, yet many of them are set in their ways and not impossible to teach - just difficult to teach.

Well, these thoughts have been feed into the universal stream for about 3 or 4 months now. I never placed an acceptance or denial on it and really was not paying it much attention except the fond memories of Charlie. During Christmas, my beloved wife shed a tear for Charlie as we walked through a Christmas tree lot. My wife who hand makes wreaths, would collect clippings from the tree lots, Charlie would walking into the room my wife was making wreaths in, collapse in to that pile of tree clippings and roll around in that evergreen smelling pile.

Perhaps it was the combination of the two memories....
Perhaps it was the universe setting are hearts up....
Perhaps it was...................

Today my wife is out walking around the neighborhoods with a friend of hers. She notices a puppy playing in a yard and thinks it is an American Mastiff. She walks over to pet it when the lady of the house steps out. She calls to the owner, complimenting her on what a beautiful puppy and asks what type pup it is. The owner answers that she doesn't know. It was abandoned two weeks or more ago in the street. They took it in and that it had needed to be bottle fed for awhile. Then came the question that floored my wife "Do you want him?"

It turns out that the man of the house didn't want another dog and this puppy was already the size of their "small poodles". So, she was looking for a new home for this little guy.

Any one want to take a quess what the wife did next? That is right - she called me, explained the situation.
After questioning her on coat color, ear design, paw size...I have determined without seeing it that it is either a American Mastiff mutt or pup. Why was it abandoned when it was so small that it still needed its mother is beyond me. The abandonment that it received was harsh and uncalled for. Yet this lucky little guy found a temporary home with someone who knew how to raise an infant pup. Perhaps he should be named "Damn Lucky."

Any one want to guess what came home with her that afternoon?

Got to love the Universe!

We decided to call him Daniel. Which when properly translated means "Damn Lucky!"

*** Daniel \Dan"i*el\, n. A Hebrew prophet distinguished for sagacity and ripeness of judgment in youth; hence, a sagacious and upright judge

UPDATE: 1/12/08 9:01 AM EST
Well, since I got home yesterday and got a good look at Daniel, I can honestly say it is difficult to judge what breeds he comes from. He is still a small puppy. He does have distinguished markings that belong to the Mastiff and marking the belong to the bull dogs. His nose is straight and he has not developed the jowles that expect from bull dogs so I wonder what else might he be mixed with. What ever he is mixed with, I am going to have to watch him grow to determine if he has Mastiff in him.
One thing is for certain, I can't get rid of him. He won the hearts of every one else. So, once again, he is "Damn Lucky!"
Knowing the Universe, he has Mastiff in him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Law of Agreements

A thought gently flows through your mind. Without an hesitation you dismiss it and move on.
A feeling of dread overcomes you and you subcum to the emotions of fear and loss that it is generating.
An illness moves to take over your body and you acknowledge its presence.

In the above examples, consciously or not, you made an agreement.

Previously I have presented how the Law of Permissions work. Now, if the law of permissions is a key, the law of agreements, a sub law to the law of permission would be the teeth of the key.

Daily we are bombarded by thoughts in which we must either grant or deny permission. Yet, if you have a permission, some times the forces might try to compromise your permission by setting up an agreement with you. If you give no thought to this agreement then you leave it to the law of averages to intervene and make a decision.
If you do not agree (this is different from disagree) then you are denying to rights.
If you agree then you are allowing the rights

If you want to remove and agreement, then you need to disagree with something you once agreed with.

Let's take money for example. Many people feel that they do not make enough money. During a testing period of the law of agreements, I constantly mediated that I disagree that I don't make enough money and agree that I make more than enough money. I agree that I have an abundance of money. Now I would spend 30 minutes a day meditating on these agreements. I would do it during my 15 minute drive to work and my 15 minute drive home from work.

Result in my own life? 22% increase in my income over a 60 day period of time.

I got a song stuck in my head....I did not agree that the song had permission to play over and over again in my head. Within seconds the song was unstuck.

Did you agree with yourself that you would never understand math?
Did you agree with yourself that you would never understand a foreign language?
Did you agree with yourself that you would never get any where in life?

Are these agreements a reality in your life?

Why do winners always win? Why do people constantly win contests? Because they don't agree with losing!

What makes Tom Brady an exceptional quarterback? Does he agree with failing?
Why do some critically ill patients recover? Did they agree to lose to the disease?

You may have extended permissions out there to cover something and protect something. Now it is time to analize the agreements you set out. When you look at your agreements, you might find where YOU are cutting YOURSELF off at the knees.

Agree with the good things, disagree with the negative. Watch what happens in your life.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I get Google Adsense turned on and I look at the blog to find an ad that states "Why the rapture is a lie?" and goes on to advertise a book on the return of Jesus in 2008. The web site talks about the destruction of America over the coming year.

I wonder how the author will feel this time next year!

So, just FYI, I don't get to pick the advertisements Google puts on here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Look!

Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield comics illustrated a comic once where Jon (Garfield's owner) comes rushing in and awakens Garfield announcing the New Year. Garfield extends his paw out, rubs two digits together and in illustration appears to be an annoyed tone states "So this is {year}, feels the same."

Thus for decades now I have extended two fingers out and rubbed them together mocking the change of seasons and utter those now infamous words from Garfield.

Not this year! I refrained for a multitude of reasons. Among them is the knowledge that this year IS NOT THE SAME! This year will be filled with so many pains that modern methods of living will be altered forever.

How are we greeted? How does our year begin?

The price of OIL hit $100.00 a barrel this afternoon. This is the first in history for this price mark. Unfortunately for us, it will not be the last.
The stock market dropped over 200 points.

This year is not beginning on a good note...How will it end? With an election!

Knowing full well that we have deep subjects to discuss, as well as dark matters to concern ourselves with I have changed the template of the blog to be a little brighter, cheerier, happy.

Smile. Unless you are willing to step up to the plate and change the future, it is all you can do.