Thursday, February 21, 2008

Inside the Secret

I had previously explained a piece of how the Secret works. I hope to expand on that a little and make it easier for others to employ the power of the secret. Also, I want to point out what they didn't in the secret. How to get past blocks that are keeping you from receiving.

First, you need something that you want/need. This is the point of focus.

Next, you need to examine yourself. When you focus on this item, do you in anyway, shape or form believe that you DO NOT deserve this item? This is important, because you can feel it in many forms by doubt, fear and anxiety. Any feeling that has a negative notion tied to it means that you have something blocking you. You might also created a wall visually by making it difficult to invision this item.

These are all triggers/blocks that something exists in your subconscious programming that you or others have put there halting you progression.

If you have this, we must eliminate it. The first thing you need to do is identify it. Now, be alert here. When you hit this trigger or block and your eternally demand that it identifies itself, it will. Obviously, it is a trigger/block that you are in current agreement/acceptance with. So when it identifies itself it will be very very familiar and comfortable to you. Except, it will have a negative feel to it.

One example in my own life of this. I was always struggling with money. I for some reason could never seem to keep money around. No matter how much money I was making, I had nothing to show for. I was living in the appearance of 'Poor'. I fought long and hard against it using various techniques until one day the Universe pointed out that it was in me that my struggle should be turned, that I needed to find the source. So, I demanded it identify itself. A very short time later I was driving when I heard my mothers voice 'Ooooo, my poor little man, what is wrong?'. Being the comfort of my mothers voice, I ignored it and dismissed it to an old memory arising. I again later demanded that the block identify itself. Once again, a short time after I demanded of it I once again heard my mothers voice 'my poor little man' , and yes, once again I dismissed it because it was a comfortable voice and feeling. This went on for a few days until the Universe smacked me upside the head as I was complaining that I wasn't getting a response. I realized then that those comfortable words embedded in me from my mother were harming me. While she was trying to be loving and caring, she was programming me for poverty. I had to disagree with the expression and reprogram the memories for something new. The new memories became, 'my wealth little man!'

How do you disagree with something? Just like that, "I acknowledge your existance and disagree with you. You are no longer welcome here." Now, it is like pulling roots. Some are easy to pull out, while others require heavy equipment. If you have those that need heavy equipment it will just take time of meditation and disagreement. Then one day you will get the break through and realize the ground is now clear.

Now back to the first step. You focus on the object, it is clear and tactile in your mind. You agree that you are allowed to possess the item. You agree that you are allowed to have the item in your life. You agree on every aspect of the existance of whatever it is you are focused on. You agree that nothing can or will get in your way. You agree it is yours and you are done and you release it to the universe to deliver it. The universe will.

Now, you might meditate on this multiple times until you get that "it is done" feeling where you rest within the sense of accomplishment. All of a sudden, it is in your life and you look back thanking the universe for delivery of what you created.

Now, if you are a person that has issues receiving things, we need to get over that.

They only times that i am aware of "not receiving" are as follows.
1) If an individual has done things for you when you were not able to do for yourself and you are doing things for this indivdual (giving back to those who gave to you).
2) You are giving to someone who you know can not repay.

Aside from that, if someone is offering something to you, take it.

Now, one thing that also helps in receiving is giving. The way this works would be likened on to a cup. IF your cup is full, where is the new substance suppose to go? If you give away a percent, then you have room to receive. Yet, when you "give away" you need to be careful of where you are giving to. Because you are still "sowing" spiritually speaking.

Now, I understand that many name-it-and-claim-it teachings talk about "sowing a seed". So, let me straighten something out here. If you "sow seed" in a ground that is in want of minerals and water, what you reep is no harvest and a ground that is in want because you have sacrificed and gained nothing.
If you "sow seed" in to ground that you know right now is "barren" of growth, yet the rains are coming, the ground is good and fertile and you are using good seed. When the harvest comes, you will gain back.

What I am saying is: Don't haphazardly give your money away. Wealth gives to wealth because they know they will get wealth back. Wealth does not give to poverty because poverty devours the seed and returns nothing.

I hope that I have given you some more clues into how the great 'Secret' works. It really is an old concept, taught in many tomes, mystery schools and religions. If you know how to decode it out of the text.

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