Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It has been months since I have posted here.
It is not for a lack of desire to tell you of things. Mind you, I am a reluctant in my discussions.

But what can I say to you? How can I awaken a sleeper? I watch over the majority and see how you have been lulled into a deep sleep of which you can not awaken from. I watch as an enemy moves not even casually between you and takes from you returning nothing. Poisions you offering more poision as medication for you aliments. I watch as you are proded to fight between one another so that you can not see what is truly being done to you.

I listen to you. Your messages of prosperity and abundance while the drought is decending upon you. I tremble for the thought of you who will starve and especially for those who are starving now without knowing it.

What do I say to you? You are content, happy, in love and joy with the tribulation which is about to befall you.

I grow content in knowing that you don't truly care about the events that are ready to besiege us. So, I prepare myself. I prepare myself for exodus from this land that I am now in and ready myself to move west into the lands that are flat and empty. There I shall find the shelter I need as I wait out the time. Then, when you ask how did I survive and I tell you that I was ready and left before the world rose and fell. You will become enraged and scorn me crying 'Why did you not warn us!' To which I can only say - 'I did. You were to dumb to hear and slept at the hour of watch. I tried to awaken you but you wouldn't stir. So I left.'

Now, my moment of silence will begin - for it is upon us - how great it is what will deluge the thoughts of man. The storm that will stop the hearts of men is upon us.

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Genie said...

I had a dream last night that took place in the past. A local man caused two huge explosions that devastated the area for miles around. It wasn't nuclear. And it was fairly isolated, but it was pretty bad. I know our town was destroyed and several miles beyond us but I don't know how far. Everything was covered with ash and I knew that people would starve very quickly. I rushed to start preserving the food in our freezers so we'd have a stockpile of food.

As I worked I remembered that the explosion wasn't nuclear and that it was isolated and that help would come soon--that even though it felt like the entire world had been destroyed it was only our small corner of the planet. Yet I still worked to preserve what I could and realized that I had to find a clean water source next.

I don't know what this dream meant except that maybe I shouldn't have stayed up late to watch Seventh Sign. It did remind me, however, not to get lulled to sleep. Life won't always be as easy as it is right now.