Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FDA says it is legal for companies to poison your body!

As our society becomes sicker and sicker the almighty FDA has approved another way for us to die slow.


DON'T EAT FATS is something else the FDA has told us, along with its cousin the CDC and WHO. Regardless that your body requires Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)in order to properly function and heal. Those EFAs are found in oils like Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Hemp Oil and others.

Give you an example of how important they are. I have an associate named Karen whose husband needs to get his HDL levels up. Those are your GOOD Cholestrol. Doing every thing that they could via diet to no avail. He starts using Olive Oil in his diet and the HDL quickly doubles.

We are organic machines. Why are we eating inorganic material? When you do that, it is called poisoning yourself.


Genie said...

I see they want to clone cows and other animals so that premium animals can be bred to produce more premium animals. Uh, why not just take better care of the ones we have so they are ALL better? Feed them grasses instead of corn, for one thing. Let them live somewhere normal for them and not cages.

And how can they be sure it's safe for consumption? How long have they actually been studying the effects on humans of eating cloned flesh? It can't have been that long!

Cloning just seems pointless to me except in medical situations where someone needs a new heart grown or a new leg. I'm all for cloning parts and growing PARTS to be used. But not whole, thinking, living, breathing creatures of any kind. I just don't see how it serves man, earth, or nature. Not so long as most of us (man and animals alike) are still quite capable of reproducing on our own.

Matters of the Spirit said...

I have similar thoughts when you asked how long had they "tested" human consumption. I would think the life span of a human is a good length of time to test if something is good for us or not. Not read through a paper filled with biased information and maybe conduct one or two superficial tests.

Genie said...

I totally envision a panel of 20 science guys in lab coats sitting at a table discussing it for a few hours and coming to the conclusion, "It should be okay."

Anonymous said...

Just because they're clones, doesn't make them "inorganic material". They're exactly the same as an identical twin, which occurs "naturally". And what's so bad about eating inorganic material??? I drink water all the time, and plenty of people I know take iron supplements.

Spirit said...

What is so bad about people eating inorganic material?

I would say it is just as bad as putting sand in the oil of your engine.

For you Iron Supplements. There is a difference betwween organic iron which is found in fruits and vegetables and inorganic. Which is probably what you are taking. That is okay however. You are allowed by the current government to have expensive urine.

Just because they are clone doesn't make them complete either. They are not like identical twins. The twins would at least have the benefit of the identical nutritional intake while in the womb. Don't start off the same way yet are later given the same opportunity.

Yet, again, it is alright under the current government for you to enjoy processed food without the benefit of nutritional value. I would just suggest you start adding more then Iron supplements to your list.

Genie said...

My problem with eating cloned flesh is the same problem I have with eating genetically modified food. In America people are more and more intolerant to wheat, including myself. Yet many people who have sensitivities or outright allergies to wheat can go to Italy and inhale wheat bread, pasty, and pastries--no problem. Not to say that someone with Celiac Disease should try eating wheat anywhere in the world--I'm not implying that no one is allergic to wheat in Europe. But I hear more and more stories about the wheat sensitive going to Europe and having no problem eating the wheat there.

What are they doing to American wheat? Is it genetically modified? Seems they had to stop doing that a few years ago but did they really? And now they're producing genetically modified wheat in Australia--it's designed to be drought resistant. I wonder if wheat sensitivities and allergies are going to suddenly spike in that country.

I can't help but wonder what problems could arise from eating cloned flesh when genetically tweaking our food crops seems to be making more and more of us sick.

A LOT more science and study needs to be done before we start producing cloned meat for consumption. And the consumer needs to know what they're buying. Personally, I have no interest in eating cloned flesh. Cloning doesn't scare me as long as I don't have to eat it. Cloning is a science that I'm fully behind us researching but, again, I just don't want to eat it.