Wednesday, January 16, 2008

EFAs and Your Health

I am going to go out on a limb here.

There are many many ways that I use to try to heal something before I run in to a doctor. Partly because the pricing has got out of hand. $1000 for a IV, anti-botic and 45 minutes of ER time was a bill I once received for a feral cat bite.

One thing that I do daily is take 3 oils combined and a fourth oil seperate. The three oils that I take combined are Flaxseed, Grapeseed and Olive. For me, it is an easy thing to do, I don't mind the taste or the texture. I fill a shot glass in 3 equal parts of each. I then slam the shot and have a nice day.

The fourth oil I take is Coconut oil. I love coconut oil, it is solid below a specific temperature (some where around 76 degrees) and liquid above that temperature. It will never solidify in our bodies as long as we are alive since we average 96 degrees. I mix coconut oil in with a food like rice for breakfast. This way I get my oils for the day.

What do these oils do for the body? Well, for one they can raise the HDLs and lower the LDLs. They will aid the digestive system in processing food. They can help heal muscles, cells, blood vessles, they can help regulated insulin and blood sugar. They can help boost the immune system. Over all, some oils (not all) are needed by our bodies to function similar to oil in a car for the engine. Without oil, the engine would seize up. Does that not happen to our bodies?

Some have even suggested the addition of sulphur based foods with the oil. When some of the oils bind with the sulphur molecules they give an additional 'pop' to their healing ability. I am not going to name any of the diseases that have been stated to be treatable or in remission when the oils were combined with cottage cheese. I wonder if a certain tick based illness might not be effected.

I know that oil helped my wife out and she now takes it daily. She started having pains in the upper right ab region. It turns out that her described symptoms are common for gallblatter attacks. She had a stone. She started taking large amounts of oil, when the stone passed she was in pain and cried but the next day celebrated her liberty as her body returned to normal. No looking back, she stays on the oils now. They have even helped her lose some weight which she is happy about because they give one a feeling of fullness.

Now, I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. I only know that I am an organic machine that should not be eating inorganic foods. That is poisoning my body!

So what does health have to do with the spirit? If you are not of clear mind because you are poisoning your body, how will you be of sound spirit?

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Genie said...

It's frustrating not to have easier access to these high quality oils. Olive oil is the only one I can get my hands on easily and if I have the opportunity to eat fish, I do, but that opportunity doesn't come up often. I keep telling myself I'm going to learn the foliage of my area so I can learn what's here that I can eat that might be very healthy for me--including natural, wild foods that might have some naturally healthy oils! But I don't even know where to start learning how to identify the local stuff. Too bad acorn oil isn't a super oil, or pecan oil. Or mesquite bean oil! Man, I'd be swimming in healthy oils!

Why can't butter be a health food, dammit!