Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spirituality and Religion part 1

When you start walking down the path of spirituality you can't help it, you trip over religion along the way.

Religion is a core belief system that has shaped nations, started and ended wars, caused divorces and the list will continue.

Yet, a point in spirituality is reached where you need to ask questions. Those questions, depending on your religion, can determine your answers. Or if you push beyond your religious training, determine your depth of freedom.

So, one thing I desire to do in this brief blog is to give you a few things to feed upon.

1Q) God is opposed to esp, clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient, telekinesis and a host of other "spiritual" or "spiritualist" powers.

1A) Honestly, we Americans call our dwellings House, the Spanish Casa. Does the word change its origin and meaning? So when the prophets see the future (Clairvoyance) or hear the words of God (clairaudient) or perceives events (clairsentient) why do people claim the power "is of the devil?" Is not all things from the one who created and allows things to be created?

2Q) My religious teachings state that you should not allow a witch to live.
2A) The word has been and continues to be conveniently mistranslated to invoke fear and failure. Many scholars have translated that same passage as "not allowing a poisoner to live."

3Q) All 3 major religions; Christians, Jews and Muslims teach that there is something HIGHER for us to learn. That the BASICS are kept in the tomes they read from. YET, what happens when you find that ADVANCED set of concepts? The instructors of the basics are quick to cut you down. Some of my favorite Christian quotes are:
"To spiritual to do any earthly good."
"God doesn't want that close of a relationship."

3A) There is something beyond the basic teachings of the 3 most popular religions. That is what mystisism is all about. All three religions talk abou the mystics. Mystery schools were once established to train the initiate in the higher things of God. Old religions long since dead would teach 1 basic lesson to see if an initiate was ready for the rest of the truth.
That basic lesson was that all your gods and goddess, your Ra, Osiris, Seth -or- Zues, Athena, Mercury are nothing more that aspects of the ONE GOD. When you worshipped Seth, you were worshipping that particular aspect of the ONE GOD. Depending on how initiates handled that teaching would determine what was to follow.

4Q) What if: All three major religions are correct?
4A) If that is the case, then we need to find one piece of common ground to stand upon. That piece would be: "I am the Lord your God, I change not!"

5Q) What if: All three major religions are wrong?
5A) Are you ready then to find and learn the truth?

(to be continued)


Genie said...

Trip over it... step in it. Tomato, tomAHHto.

Michelle said...


To me the whole problem for people arises when they forget that humans invented religion to explain God rather than the other way around.

I love religions, because they show me the creativity of human beings trying to explain their existance. I also enjoy how they show the history of human mental/spiritual evolution. But I don't think any of them show me God - only mankind's idea of God at the time it was written.

Matters of the Spirit said...

God is such a generic word that I can get away with using it without truly offending the masses.
As you were noting, religion was invented in order to explain God. What if the 'God' is the Universe with an all encompassing conciousness and not some great deity sitting on a throne in the middle of some place called heaven?
Then religion needs to alter from being 'explaining God' to, how do we work with our connection to all things.
Then we begin to get into the 'higher things of God' or 'higher things of the universe'.