Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Look!

Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield comics illustrated a comic once where Jon (Garfield's owner) comes rushing in and awakens Garfield announcing the New Year. Garfield extends his paw out, rubs two digits together and in illustration appears to be an annoyed tone states "So this is {year}, feels the same."

Thus for decades now I have extended two fingers out and rubbed them together mocking the change of seasons and utter those now infamous words from Garfield.

Not this year! I refrained for a multitude of reasons. Among them is the knowledge that this year IS NOT THE SAME! This year will be filled with so many pains that modern methods of living will be altered forever.

How are we greeted? How does our year begin?

The price of OIL hit $100.00 a barrel this afternoon. This is the first in history for this price mark. Unfortunately for us, it will not be the last.
The stock market dropped over 200 points.

This year is not beginning on a good note...How will it end? With an election!

Knowing full well that we have deep subjects to discuss, as well as dark matters to concern ourselves with I have changed the template of the blog to be a little brighter, cheerier, happy.

Smile. Unless you are willing to step up to the plate and change the future, it is all you can do.

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Genie said...

I think I'll agree to some really good things ahead for us in 2008. As to the darker matters, well, I'll just have to deal with those as they come. You know me, I'm kind of looking forward (in a whacked out way) to some major changes on the planet. I'd just prefer they were natural changes instead of man made.