Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Law of Agreements

A thought gently flows through your mind. Without an hesitation you dismiss it and move on.
A feeling of dread overcomes you and you subcum to the emotions of fear and loss that it is generating.
An illness moves to take over your body and you acknowledge its presence.

In the above examples, consciously or not, you made an agreement.

Previously I have presented how the Law of Permissions work. Now, if the law of permissions is a key, the law of agreements, a sub law to the law of permission would be the teeth of the key.

Daily we are bombarded by thoughts in which we must either grant or deny permission. Yet, if you have a permission, some times the forces might try to compromise your permission by setting up an agreement with you. If you give no thought to this agreement then you leave it to the law of averages to intervene and make a decision.
If you do not agree (this is different from disagree) then you are denying to rights.
If you agree then you are allowing the rights

If you want to remove and agreement, then you need to disagree with something you once agreed with.

Let's take money for example. Many people feel that they do not make enough money. During a testing period of the law of agreements, I constantly mediated that I disagree that I don't make enough money and agree that I make more than enough money. I agree that I have an abundance of money. Now I would spend 30 minutes a day meditating on these agreements. I would do it during my 15 minute drive to work and my 15 minute drive home from work.

Result in my own life? 22% increase in my income over a 60 day period of time.

I got a song stuck in my head....I did not agree that the song had permission to play over and over again in my head. Within seconds the song was unstuck.

Did you agree with yourself that you would never understand math?
Did you agree with yourself that you would never understand a foreign language?
Did you agree with yourself that you would never get any where in life?

Are these agreements a reality in your life?

Why do winners always win? Why do people constantly win contests? Because they don't agree with losing!

What makes Tom Brady an exceptional quarterback? Does he agree with failing?
Why do some critically ill patients recover? Did they agree to lose to the disease?

You may have extended permissions out there to cover something and protect something. Now it is time to analize the agreements you set out. When you look at your agreements, you might find where YOU are cutting YOURSELF off at the knees.

Agree with the good things, disagree with the negative. Watch what happens in your life.

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Genie said...

Your blog is looking awesome! I appreciate when someone uses real life examples when sharing their beliefs. It's nice not to just read someone's opinion on things, but to read how they use those opinions and act out that belief system. I'll be actively agreeing or disagreeing with things as often as I agree to remember to! Reminds me of doing a Gallup poll. Do you "strongly disagree/disagree/somewhat agree/neithe agree nor disagree/agree/agree completely that we are safe from terrorists?" I should make myself several life surveys to fill out like that?