Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Secret into the Secret

I own a copy of The Secret, as a matter of statement, I own both the audio book and the film. I do listen to it often and enjoy having it play in the back ground allowing my subconscious to chew on things that are said by the different narrators.

The past couple of days have brought much to mind that has been accomplished via methods described in The Secret.

Approximately a year ago I was ready for a new job, one that would pay equivilent to what I was making working two jobs. On veterans day last year I heard that my city has a parade for veterans and I wanted to see it. Having been a Marine for eight years and veterans day so close to the Marine Corps Birthday (Nov 9), I find it exciting to celebrate both. Yet, I can't because we in the civilian sector look upon Memorial Day (WWI & WWII rememberance) as the day for BBQ's while Veterans Day is still a work day.

I relaxed in the requests I made, there was some small requests that I didn't realize I had made. Then, in May, the Universe jolted me into action. When I was jolted into action I started working on what needed to be required of me. I started contacting placement agencies, I started repairing my resume, I started going on interviews. Then I got a job at a company in the downtown area of my city. Awesome company, I can not brag enough about what they are and do and how they treat people. The small sub office that us software developers work in has a view over looking the river. We love it.

Yesterday I was driving in to work when I noticed that they were putting things together on the streets for what appeared to be a parade. Then it dawned on me that it was Veterans Day. I was excited. The sub office I work in over looks the parade route. Yes, yesterday I watched from 26 floors above the street the parade. Even though I was not right there in front, it was still the universe in action!

Amoung the things that really is mentioned in the Secret however breifly is you must be comfortable with how it works. Ask, Know, Receive is how they put it. The know is the comfort, once you get to point where you rely on the Universe for everything that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can't do any thing any how and it is just your interaction with the creative elements of the universe that will generate the things you need than it will start to work.

I create a list. Things I want or want to do. At the bottom of the list I write: I have no faith that I can obtain all of this, I have faith the universe through me can obtain this list.

What am I saying? I have no faith in myself, I have only in the universe to work through me. Then and only then will Ask, Know and Receive fully work for you.

Once you start to cross to those levels that is when encounter a situation such as the following fable:

A mage and his apprentence were walking through the woods. They came across a small creek and near by was a large boulder. The mage with a smile suppressing all the knowledge of the universe told the apprentence that the boulder near the creek was magical and would answer any wish one would call for when one would lay hands upon it. The apprentence went over all excited and placed his hands on the boulder and cultivated his wish. The mage went on to explain that all the power of the universe was inside the boulder and that one could touch that power when one reaches a higher level.

The apprentence was all excited and marked the place in his mind so that he could return when the time was right. However, his wish did come true a few years later when he realized that he had come to be like his teacher the mage. Now he himself had learned all the powers of the mind over time, once becoming comfortable in one stage then learning the next level. One day he was out walking in the woods when he came across the boulder and he smiled. Now, as he gazed on the boulder, with the knowledge he possessed of how the universe works and how we are all part of God thus God is in us and we are in God. How with the tie to the universal mind, we can create and destroy and the power of universe is within us all he realized the words of his teacher from years before. The mage with a smile suppressing all the knowledge of the universe told the apprentence ....

The Secret into the Secret is to come to the point where: You realized that by your own strength that you can not obtain what you seek. YET, the universe through you can obtain what you seek. Allow the universe to do it's work and wait for it to prompt you into action knowing full well that it will.

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Kim and Victoria said...

Sounds like a good way to eliminate fear.