Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Legend of Lilith

For some odd reason yesterday I started to think about Lilith. The female mythological demon that many consider to be Adam's first wife, a pre-Eve babe!

As I was reflecting on this it occurred to me that in the myth, the falling out between her an Adam happened pre-fall of man. Which until that moment, man was not disconnected. The legend says they argued over sexual positions. I don't know about you, if a woman wants to take top, she receives no argument from me. So, if pre-fall Adam was "arguing" with his wife over who was going to be on top and she refused to lay with him because of this. Then Eden was not as perfect as the biblical professors make it out to be. This would also be pre-anyone eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil thus she could be forgiven for this and pride should not exist in her to take up such a argument.

Then, you have the portion of the myth where she is banned from Eden and her husband and becomes a night demon. So, this is pre-fall of man but post-fall of angels? Are there demons in the world at this time? Or did the myth behind the war in heaven happen when the serpent spoke to Eve or after?

These are the thoughts that were going through my head. In the end, I just went right back to the point I had been at before.

Lilith is a nice story but not history.

I wonder some times, why these female recording artists want a music fair named after a night demon however.

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