Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vision of tomorrow

For those out there that know me, you know then that up coming Presidential election is the election that has had me the most concerned for years. It has been a terrible thinking and feeling that what we are looking at is the end of many ways of life.

I have felt that if 2008 election is so critical in the universe that events it could bring about are either going to be detrimental or promising. We are at the fork in the road.

Before I go any further, I just want to put a disclaimer in here that the individual I am about to discuss that was in my vision, I have no problem with their race/religion/color/sex. Some times when they are the first at attempting some thing, they just may not be the right one needed to do us good. It is not that I do not believe that we as a people or nation are not ready for either a woman or black President, it might just be the individual representing that sex/color that we are not ready for.

My vision was that Obama had won the Presidency. When the announcement came in that he had won I turned to my wife and told her that we needed to get ready to leave.

Within the first two years of his Presidency, his inexperience in politics showed and we as a nation went from a recession into a depression. Policies of standardization started to be passed and we as a nation took on the look and feel of a European Socialist nation. The feel was nearly of the old Eastern Block type countries.

There was a protest in which college students were demonstrating their refusal to conform to the new policies and were displaying an open act of rebellion. The National Guard was called in and it ended in a repeat of Kent State. The primary difference is that the NG was ordered to fire on the students and there were hundreds of students murdered. It was then that America woke up and realized that it had made a mistake, but it was too late. Totalitarianism was already in place.

Was it a glimpse of what might happen if the card table tips one direction or another?

Or is it warning.

Again, I have a 50/50 chance on this - I hope I am wrong.


Genie said...

I've been torn between Biden and Obama for months now. I can't choose... I'm waiting for them to show more of themselves before the election. Your visions are right half of the time?


Matters of the Spirit said...

More than half. All events are preventable as they haven't manifested yet. So, if we can toss enough pebbles in the pond the waves can change.
Joseph Murphy once wrote about a vision a girl had where a light that was over hanging her infants crib crashed down on the crib and killed the infant. The woman awoke her husband to share the dream. He casually dismissed it and told her to go back to sleep. The woman, still distressed retrieved the infant and brought the child to bed with her and her husband. A few hours later the family was awaken by the sound of a loud crash.
In her vision the child died.
In reality the child live.

Some visions show what will happen if we don't take some sort of action to prevent them.

I have even had events like that. When Ryan was born I had a vision of him choking on candy. Mind you at the time I had this vision he was just minutes old. So here I am, I keep a watchful eye on him when he is sucking hard candy. When he was 3 years old he was standing next to me when I heard a gurgle sound come from him. I quickly knelled as his eyes went wide. He had inhaled a piece of hard candy. A few baby Heimlich's later the candy popped out on the floor.