Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Quick Word About Agreements

The other day I am in discussion with a friend regarding permissions when I made the statement that you can change the word permissions and call them agreements then perhaps an individual will grasp the concept easier.

Upon reflection of that statement I realize that I am wrong. The truth is that Agreements is a basic sub-law of Permissions and that it is equally as powerful. It is the the selection expert of what events within a permission you are willing to allow happen/not happen.

As I meditated on that further, I found the power of agreements growing and I sat daily training my mind and spirit to agree and disagree with events I found things starting to happen that stopped. Fears starting to arise would diminish when I informed them that I don't agree with them. It was an interesting feeling. I am going to dive deep into this with an essay once we get past the holy days.


Genie said...

Interesting! Don't you love when conversations like that help you flesh out your own learnings and understandings?

Still, STARTING with Agreements may be a way to gently work someone up to Permissions. It's still not a bad idea.

Your comment about meditating and telling those fears that you didn't agree with them sparked a thought in my head about belief, agreements, and permissions.

See, I was watching some documentary the other night on religion or something and they were talking about belief, faith, and the return of Christ. It occurred to me that with the masses believing the Messiah will return that it's only a matter of time before he does. Same with whatever it is that Muslims believe. I guess they are still waiting for the Messiah? If the Christians perceive the coming Messiah (a Messiah sure to arrive based on so much belief/manifesting) as the return of Him, will the Muslims and Jewish people see Him/Her as the first arrival? Or will they snub the coming because the Christiams believe S/He has returned? Hmmm..... should be interesting.

Genie said...

Oh, and have you seen The Man From Earth yet? I haven't seen it yet but my aunt told me about it. I think you'd really enjoy it.

Matters of the Spirit said...

Saw the trailer, it looks like a promising movie. I understand that it is based on a book by Jerome Bixby who completed the book on his deathbed.

Interesting concept yet not to far away from a possible reality.

The essay I am going to put together will be after I complete a few exercises to determine the depth of Agreement with Permissions. I will tell you, so far they have been termendiously successful. Almost like a off hand sword for a swordsman. Now you cut through faster.

Genie said...

I look forward to the essay!

My brother told me about a scene in the movie that intrigued me. The lead character explains how he studied with the Buddha and then went to Israel and 'them parts' to spread the teachings. He got pegged as Jesus and, being aware of the prophesies, submitted to the crucifixtion where he slowed down his body's processes until he appeared dead. After all his training, this would have been understandably easy for him. But, what he didn't count on, was getting caught escaping his tomb and, well, we all know what happened after that.

I am really eager to watch this movie!